Our Services

Quran Reading / Learning Class

Quran Class for children is on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30pm till 7:30pm. Any parent who needs to speak to the teacher to register their little-ones, Please call us @ 678-719-9770

Quran Halaqa

Community Halaqa:
Currently there is community Halaqa planned on the first sunday afternoon of every month from Asr till Mughrib Salat.
Should you have any questions/suggestions, email us at info@iccga.org Or Call us @ 678-719-9770.

Janazah and Burial Services

Janazah and Burial Services are provided by Masjid Quba for all the Muslim brothers and sisters. Please call Masjid @ 678-719-9770

Zakat and Fitra

Fitra is $12 per person for the year 2011 inshallah.

If you would like to pay through Masjid Quba, You could pay cash to brother Ajmal in person or write a check In the name of Masjid Quba with clearly showing “Fitra” in the Memo inshallah.

Below you’ll find Zakat Calculator for the USA in Microsoft Excel format. If you rather want to calculate it on-the-go via online resources, Click here

Islamic Will

You can download and fill out the Islamic Will. Click Here

Friday Flyers

Here you’ll find Friday flyers of the fridays some flyers were distributed. Download